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Purikyua Lover Sou Brasileiro Is a Brazilian Channel That Posts About Pretty Cure
Pretty Cure Is a Franchise of Normal Girls Who Turn Into Magical Warriors And Fight The Evil

This Wiki Contains Spoilers About Pretty Cure Because The Channel Purikyua Lover Sou Brasileiro Is About That

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Important Articles


Purikyua Lover

Purikyua Lover(プリキュア ぉゔぇる, Purikyua ~lovu~eru?) Is The Creator of The Channel Purikyua Lover Sou Brasileiro,He Is A Fan Of Pretty Cure And Makes Content Of It In His Channel About It

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Pretty Cure

According to Google,Pretty Cure, PreCure, or Precure is a Mahō shōjo Anime, Manga, Movie, Game and Toy franchise, created by Izumi Todo and integrated by Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, Toei Animation and Asatsu-DK.

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Purikyua Lover Sou Brasileiro

Purikyua Lover Sou Brasileiro/Purikyua Lover(Sou Brasileiro) is the Channel Of Purikyua Lover,His Symbol is the Cure Heart

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